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Guatemalan Buena Esperanza Coffee - Monthly Subscription

Guatemalan Buena Esperanza Coffee - Monthly Subscription

Floral and bright. Silky smooth.

This coffee comes to us from the Castillo family, led today by second generation coffee farmer Noe Castillo with help from her brothers. Before Noe took over, her mother grew coffee on the family's 6.5 hectare farm, Finca Buena Esperanza, for more than 40 years. Finca Buena Esperanza is located up in the highlands of western Guatemala near the town of Huehuetenango, around 6,000 feet above sea level. Huehuetenango is known in the specialty coffee world as the source for many of the most distinguished coffees from Guatemala.
Noe is relentless in working toward producing ever better coffee. There's always some improvement in the works, like planting more shade trees to cool down the coffee plants so they mature more slowly and develop deeper flavor, or striving to use all organic products to fertilize their crops. That attention to detail has paid off in this floral, juicy coffee with a silky body. Eminently sippable. 
Love this coffee? Sign up for monthly subscription and we will send you a bag or two of freshly roasted beans every four weeks. Want to know more before you sign up? Read Coffee Subscription FAQs.
Roast: Medium.
Tasting Notes: Juicy and floral, with a silky body.
Facts: Roasted fresh by Zingerman’s Coffee Company. Shipped whole bean. 

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Guatemalan Buena Esperanza Coffee - Monthly Subscription

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