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Colombia Cosurca Coffee

Colombia Cosurca Coffee

Colombia's brew.

If there's one country that did an amazing job aligning themselves with coffee, it's Colombia. Before most of us knew there differences between different coffees, or even where they were grown, we knew Juan Valdez and Colombian coffee. Things have changed quite a bit in the coffee world since those days, but Colombia still produces amazing coffees. This blend from the Empresa Coopertiva del Sur del Cauca in the mountains of southwestern Colombia is an exceptional example.

In addition to producing great coffee, the Co-Op is also focused on transitioning farmers in the region away from the highly profitable (but illegal) crops of coca and poppy and towards coffee. If this clean, balanced brew is any indication, the farmers are certainly moving in the right direction. 

Roast: Medium
Tasting Notes: smooth, citrusy, balanced, notes of caramel
Facts: Roasted Fresh by Zingerman's Coffee Company. Shipped whole bean.

Colombia Cosurca Coffee

P-COF-COL 12 oz bag
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