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Community Grains Landrace Fettuccine

Community Grains Landrace Fettuccine

Estate-grown pasta.

For years we've been selling estate grown olive oils: the oils made from olives grown on a single farm owned by a single family, made with only certain varietals of olives. It's a vastly different approach than the big olive oil industry, where oils are pooled from hundreds or thousands of estates from all over the world. Now, Community Grains in Oakland, California, is making an "estate grown" pasta. They're working with individual farms to grow heirloom varietals of wheat, then making their pastas using just one wheat from one farm.

The wheat for their fettuccine comes from Full Belly Farm in Yolo County, California. They're growing a landrace Iraqi durum varietal of wheat, and then milling it whole. That may not sound that unusual, but nearly all "whole wheat flour" out there is actually white flour with a bit of the wheat germ and bran added back in at some point. The industry does that because the germ and bran contain most of the fat which makes flour go rancid over time. However, they also contain a lot of the nutrients—and a lot of the flavor. At Community Grains, they actually mill the whole grain—nothing gets removed, nothing gets added.

A lot of whole wheat pasta ends up tasting kind of like cardboard. Not so with Community Grains fettuccine. It's sweet, nutty, earthy, rich. It's great with just a bit of salt, pepper, good olive oil, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Or try pairing it with garlicky wilted greens

"Of course you’ve had whole-grain pasta before, but this is different... Community Grains dried pastas have that familiar whole-grain nuttiness, but they lack the bitterness that usually goes with it."
Russ Parsons, LA Times

Community Grains Landrace Fettuccine

P-CGR-FET 10 oz box

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