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Croccante di Pistacchio

Sicily's best known nuts in one tremendous cookie.

These thin, crispy cookies come from La Dolceria Sicilliana, located near the eastern coast of Sicily, just outside the town of Belpasso in the shadow of Mt. Etna. Almost more of a brittle than a cookie, they're made with a ton of local pistachios and almonds.
The nuts grown in the fertile volcanic soil of Mt. Etna are some of the most flavorful you can find anywhere. The pistachios from the area around Bronte are the gold standard in the nut world. They're vibrantly green, fat, meaty and deeply delicious. Forget the red dyed pistachios we often see around Christmas time, these nuts are gently roasted—which brings the oils and flavor to the surface of the nuts—and they're full of flavor. 
The almonds are grown around Mt. Etna, too. They look and taste different than the almonds we see in the supermarket. They're flatter and just a smidge longer than California almonds, and they have a milky, nutty, sweetness that you don't find in other almonds. 
The cookies are a little delicate and there might be a few broken pieces in your package, but that doesn't hurt their flavor in the slightest. Enjoy these cookies with a cup of coffee or tea in the evening or keep them in your desk. When the day is darkest, the future bleakest, pull out these cookies and nibble away. It will change your outlook on the day, life in general, and make you a lifelong fan of Sicilian pistachios and almonds. 

Croccante di Pistacchio

P-CDP 120 g, 6 pieces
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