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Busiate di Tumminia Pasta

Sicilian original.

Tumminia wheat is an ancient heirloom grain that’s been grown in southwestern Sicily for centuries. It was traditionally used to make a special local bread called pane nero, renowned for its sweet, toasty flavor.
Now Sicilian miller Filippo Drago is stone grinding organically-grown Tumminia wheat to make pasta. He extrudes the pasta through bronze dies so it’s great for gripping sauce, and he dries it super slowly to expand the flavor.
We have busiate, a traditional Sicilian shape that looks like tightly wound corkscrews. The flavor is astounding: earthy, nutty, rich. It’s especially great sauced with Sicilian sauces like caper pesto or pesto Trapanese.
“The whole wheat busiate has a nutty flavor [and] an al dente bite and the corkscrew shape grabs any sauce you prepare with it.”
Chef Jonathan Benno

Busiate di Tumminia Pasta

P-BUS 250 g bag

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