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Ballymaloe Ketchup

Ketchup with an Irish twist

Like mayonnaise, ketchup is really defined by one maker (who shall remain nameless). 
I've tasted other 'gourmet' ketchups in the past and some were pretty good, they often go too far in one direction or another. Usually they end up being too sweet or too spicy or they try too hard to taste like something more than tomatoes. 
Not this ketchup. In all my years it is the closest I've come to finding a 'gourmet ketchup' or at least something worthy of living on our shelves. It's made from what ketchup should be made from: tomatoes, onions, sugar, a bit of mustard seed, and spices. But there's a small, secret ingredient that I think pulls the whole experience together: sultanas. Basically, white raisins that add a slightly caramel sweetness without dominating the overall flavor. 
Grab a bottle and start spreading the word about Ballymaloe. Who knows? In a few generations there might be two names synonymous with ketchup. 

Ballymaloe Ketchup

P-BMK 240 g bottle

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