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New! Bean to Bar Chocolate Book

The definitive guide to American craft chocolate making.

Megan Giller is a food writer, feminist, and chocolate eater. She just released a book on bean-to-bar chocolate making in America. She's also been gracious enough to curate a gift box featuring her book and three chocolates. Here's why:

American makers are revolutionizing chocolate. They start with whole beans and roast, grind, and transform them into bars by hand to bring out the best flavors imaginable. These new-school bean-to-bar chocolates resemble a vintage Cabernet-Sauvignon more than a good old candy bar, and they will change the way you taste chocolate forever.

Follow my journey through the world of bean-to-bar chocolate by tasting the chocolates that you read about: Start with the most exquisite milk chocolate I’ve ever eaten, Fruition’s Brown Butter bar, made with cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic and brown butter from local dairy Ronnybrook Farm. Then try Askinosie’s 72 percent bar: It’s called single-origin because all the beans come from one place, Tanzania. Finish up by contrasting it with Dick Taylor’s 72 percent single-origin Belize, a fruity bar with a floral finish.

I hope you enjoy this flight of my favorite chocolates, and the book. Welcome to the revolution!



Our fun, colorful gift box includes a hardcover copy of Megan's book Bean To Bar, Fruition's brown butter chocolate bar, Askinosie's 72% chocolate bar from Tanzania, and a bar of Dick Taylor's 72% single-origin Belize chocolate. Or if you prefer reading without nibbling, the book can be shipped solo.

Bean To Bar Chocolate Book Gift Box

G-B2B Hardcover book plus 3 chocolate bars, gift boxed
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Bean To Bar Chocolate Book

P-B2B Hardcover, 232 pages
$3.99 book rate shipping

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