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I Contadini Artichokes in Olive Oil

The southern Italian sign of spring.

Like daffodils in America, artichokes in Puglia are a sure sign spring has sprung. Here we offer eight big, tasty artichokes with stems (carciofo con gambo), picked last spring, hand-trimmed, boiled till tender, then packed in jars with a bit of oil, vinegar and lemon juice.

I’m a big fan of vegetables like these. In Southern Italy, they just seem to have a knack for capturing flavor when it’s great and keeping texture punchy and vibrant. Plus, I like how easy they are to use, which isn’t a small thing with artichokes. Salad? Just open the jar, spear one, chop and toss it with other vegetables. Making pasta sauce? Same thing. Late night munchies? Eat them with your fingers. No one will tell.

I Contadini Artichokes in Olive Oil

P-ARS 520 g jar
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