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Tuna Stuffed Red Cherry Peppers

Antipasto extraordinaire.

If you are looking to take a holiday antipasto hors d'ovres tray from good to Oh My God, here's one way.

Red cherry peppers, stuffed with a mousse of tuna, taggiasche olives, anchovies and parsley. About the size of a fat chestnut, each is a slightly spicy, silky flavor bomb. The pepper pops when you bite. The savory stuffing fills your mouth with the taste of the sea with a lingering smokiness. The flavor lasts and lasts, subtly changing and getting more interesting.

Expensive but worth it if you're looking for an exceptional experience. Better make that invite list very short.

From Il Mongetto, the source of the also-amazing anchovy-stuffed red truffles.

Don't throw out the olive oil. It makes an excellent salad dressing or marinade.

Very limited supplies.

Tuna Stuffed Red Cherry Peppers

P-ALT 180 g jar, about 8 peppers

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