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Argan Almond Butter with Cinnamon and Maple

Beauty trend meets culinary creativity

The Argan tree is small, no more than thirty feet tall. It only grows in the Sous valley of southwestern Morocco. For generations, the Berber women of the area have made Argan oil by collecting the nuts of the Argan tree after the nuts have passed through the digestive tracts of goats.
Yeah, that sounds kind of odd, but the shell of the nut is so tough that it needs this ‘extra step’ to weaken it enough to be opened. The women crack each hazelnut-sized nut by hand with a stone and the nuts are pressed to extract the oil.
The oil can make your skin feel like it’s brimming with verve, but its culinary abilities are only now getting a bit of the spotlight. Some of the health benefits of the argan oil hold true when used in recipes or mixed with other foods, like this almond butter.
This argan oil spiked almond butter is made by Nadia Gara and her crew at Argania in California. They import the argan oil directly from Morocco from a collective of family farms that employs nearly 300 women. They grind dry roasted California almonds and mix it with organic maple sugar, organic cinnamon, sea salt and argan oil. The oil makes the butter smoother than most, nuttier and generally more intense. So if you're looking to kick your lunch up a notch, use this instead of your usual peanut butter. If you're into making crepes, this stuff is an amazing filling (especially with sliced bananas). 

Argan Almond Butter with Cinnamon and Maple

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