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Five Grapefruit Marmalade

Exotic citrus spread from Robert Lambert

An exceptional marmalade from the Northern California fruit groves and kitchen of Robert Lambert.

Five grapefruit is a collection of rare grapefruits including Mandalo, Poorman, Shekwasha, Sacaton and white grapefruit. Like all Robert's marmalades, this is cooked with homemade fruit syrups, not water, so the flavor is about twice as intense as what you’re used to in marmalade.

It's made with generous chunks of rind that have become nearly translucent and, when chewed, release unexpected aromas like clove and menthol. The texture is loose. A spoonful pours slowly, like honey. Incredibly, the marmalade still tastes bright and juicy, like the fruit hopped in the jar straight from the tree. Outstanding.

Five Grapefruit Marmalade

P-5GP 8 oz jar

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