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Weka Olive Oil

Exceptional oil from the land of the kiwi.

Laurie and Peter Rothenberg were lawyers in New York City. Then they bought some land in Ngatimoti, New Zealand in the Moutere Hills and became olive oil producers. (We have another New Zealand oil called Moutere Grove from the same area.)

They planted their groves in 2007, selecting similar olives to what you'd find in Tuscany: leccino & frantoio. It's taken a few years, but now the trees are mature enough to start pressing the olives. What they're pressing and bottling an exceptional oil. Most of what they produce stays in New Zealand, but since Laurie & Peter split their time between NYC and New Zealand, a small portion finds its way to restaurants in New York and small speciality stores like Zingerman's.

We've currently got a couple of cases from the 2015 harvest. It's big, bold, and fruity, similar in character to the oils usually produced in Tuscany. It has a nice, grassy nose and slightly bitter flavor, but it fnishes softly, without a bite. If you like Tuscan oils, try this new world wonder and enjoy.

Weka Olive Oil

O-WEK 500 ml bottle
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