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San Vito Olive Oil

The Petrini Family's award-winning organic oil from the Marché.

An outstanding extra virgin olive oil from the rarely visited Marché region of Italy. The few tourists who make it this far afield don't get to taste this oil because it's too rare. We started a relationship with the Petrini family a few years back and now you can enjoy this rarity as well.

The Petrini family have won a series of medals for their oil. Their palates are so practiced that father and son are official oil testers for the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. It takes years of study and testing to reach such a level of certification. Considering how seriously Italy takes its oils, being an official taster is a badge one wears with pride and it shows in their oil.

Exceptionally olivey, big and round, with a respectablebut not rambunctiousdose of pepperiness in the finish.


San Vito Olive Oil

O-VIT 500 ml

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