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Pianogrillo Olive Oil

Subtle Sicilian.

In the southeast of Sicily lies the Monti Iblei region. It's an important area for olive groves. One olive in particular—Tonda Iblea—is a protected fruit, growing only in this small area of Sicily. It's the only olive used to make this extra virgin olive oil. 

Each region of Italy has a particular style of olive oil. In the north, Ligurian oils are sweet and soft, famous for pairing well with basil in pesto or with fish. In the center of Italy, Tuscan oils are big, bold, grassy and bitter. And down south, in Puglia, they are peppery. Sicily is a different island, though, with famously complex cuisine, and its oils are similarly nuanced.

This particular oil is made by Lorenzo Piccione. His groves are ancient—some of the trees are more than 1,000 years old. Older trees typically produce fewer olives, but the olives are often more intensely flavorful. The flavor of the oil is smooth and delicate, with a gentle bitterness and a tickle of peppery spice in the finish. 

"I have just gone through a bottle of Pianogrillo—on salads, on steamed vegetables, on fava beans and borlotti and new potatoes. Complimenti!"
Marcella Hazan

"Unfiltered, pleasantly lush in texture, green-gold in color, and very smooth in flavor with a typical fragrance of green tomato or tomato leaf. Pungency at the end adds interest — one of Italy’s most outstanding oils, IMHO."
Nancy Harmon Jenkins, Zester Daily

Pianogrillo Olive Oil

O-PIA 500 ml

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