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Mushroom Olive Oil from Spain

No tricks, just flavor.

Infused oils are a tricky business. Most are made from poor quality olive oil—if it’s olive oil at all—and strongly flavored cheap ingredients that try to mask the oil’s flaws. The problem is you can’t tell any of that until you’ve bought a bottle, taken it home and tasted it. Too late! It’s made me a real skeptic whenever an infused oil comes onto my desk.
That’s why this olive oil caught my eye. First off, it’s made from 100% arbequina PDO olive oil—very good stuff. It’s also got wild porcini mushrooms gathered in Catalonia, Spain. The mushrooms are sun dried before being added to the oil to concentrate their flavor. Delicate, smooth, earthy and rich with the unmistakable—but not overwhelming—flavor of porcinis.
The oil gives a big boost to pasta dishes, grilled meats, risotto, vegetables and salads. A nice pantry addition for mushroom lovers who want to add a dash of mushroom flavor when the funghi larder is empty.

Mushroom Olive Oil from Spain

O-MSH 250 ml bottle

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