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Red Wattle City Ham

Red Wattle City Ham

Pig in the city.

Unlike southern country hams that you can enjoy without cooking, these are the kind that most of us—at least those of us from the North—are used to eating. They're the ones you put in the oven to reheat, sometimes pinned with pineapple slices. Skip the pineapple here, these hams don’t need it.
The hogs are raised in the Midwest by farmers under the direction of Heritage Foods, the folks who bring us our amazing porterhouse pork chops. The pigs are not confined, have access to the outdoors to root and roam, and never receive antibiotics or hormones.  The hams are cured with salt and maple sugar for two weeks then smoked over hickory. They are full of flavor and easy to enjoy. Just heat, slice and eat.
Red Wattle hams are the sweetest variety. With a thin ring of fat that melts in your mouth.  
Shipped frozen, may arrive frozen and need a day to defrost.
"I was going to save the Red Wattle ham for some interim holiday company. HAH! That’ll NEVER HAPPEN!!!! For it will be consumed before any guests pass through the portals of my front door. I can’t seem to keep my hands off this ham. Today, I “visited” the ham five times already and am still planning on having it for dinner... The best ham I have ever had—BAR NONE."
Sharon N., Novato, CA

Red Wattle City Ham

M-RWH 4-5 lbs, boneless, serves 10

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