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Sliced Lomo from La Quercia

Lean loin.

Lomo is Spanish for "loin," and that's exactly what this is: cured boneless pork loin, simply rubbed with sea salt, smoked Spanish Pimeton de la Vera paprika and a bit of cocoa.

Loin is one of the leanest cuts of the hog, and that fact of nature combined this simple spicing makes it one of the subtlest, mildest cured meats we offer. It doesn't mean it lacks flavor, though. Slice it thinly, and lay it out with olives, a bit of cheese and six or eight glasses of wine, and you'll see what I mean.

Like all their meats, La Quercia's lomo is made from hogs raised naturally, without hormones ore sub-theraputic antibiotics. It's cured and will last weeks in your refrigerator.

Sliced Lomo from La Quercia

M-LMO-S 2 oz, sliced

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