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Crespone Salami

Crespone Salami

Northern Italian, with style.

More soft, succulent and perfumed than most salamis. Made in the Northern Italian style, this coarsely textured salami is made with premium meats hand sorted into a very thick, natural pork casing, something rarely used in American salami making. It allows the salami to age slowly and naturally, losing moisture and intensifying flavor. A longtime customer favorite, it's great paired with Cabot Zingerman's Cheddar and some Farm Bread. Perfect for picnics.

Salami Serving Tips

  • Slice to order to prevent drying and oxidization.
  • Try slicing it on the thicker side. I think the flavor and texture are more enjoyable that way.
  • Like most traditional foods, serving salami at room temperature versus straight out of the fridge will give you a lot more flavor.
  • Soft, patchy white mold on the outside is natural. You can eat it or not, your choice.

Crespone Salami

M-CRE Approx. 14 oz

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