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Spencer's Jolly Posh Black Pudding

In Britain, some puddings are made of meat.

There’s pudding like we know it, sweet and creamy. In Britain, puddings can be all sorts of things, including sausages that have some grain binder in them, like oatmeal or bread. Made in small batches by English ex-pat Nick Spencer in Chicago, these pudding sausages are rich, full flavored and packed with old-world energy enhancers like oatmeal, pork and blood. A breakfast pudding gives you the gusto to power through a day toiling in the fields or surfing the net.

Aside from color, cow’s blood adds an earthy, slightly metallic flavor to this typically Irish treat. Made with pig’s back fat and trimmings, breadcrumbs, onions and spices ground till the texture is smooth (though not as smooth as white pudding). The flavor is meaty, slightly salty, with just a little heat in the end.

Spencer's Jolly Posh Black Pudding

M-BLP 12 oz package
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