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La Quercia Berkshire Cross Prosciutto

Mixing breeds for even more flavor.

Unless you have a degree in animal husbandry, the idea mixing breeds sounds like the experiments of Dr. Moreau. But the practice of crossing similar breeds to create something new with the characteristics of both goes back millenia. 

The males are 100% Berkshire, an heirloom breed renowned for its meaty, porky, slightly wild flavor. The females are a different story. They're a mix of Berkshire, Large White, and Duroc hogs, another heirloom breed sought for its meaty, nutty flavor.

Why mix up the females? Because Berkshire hogs make terrible moms. Mixing them with a more tolerant breed means better mothering for the piglets which ultimately leads to happier pigs and better tasting prosciutto.

No hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics in the rearing of these pigs. They grew up happy and healthy with access to the out-of-doors and room to root and roam, just like a pig should. The hams are cured with salt only, then hung to dry for a year or so. Never smoked. 

Like the breeds from which it came, the flavor of the ham is porky, nutty, a little sweet and just a little wild. The best of both worlds in one very special prosciutto.

To slice whole hams, use a sharp knife and work the ham lengthwise. Don’t worry about getting big slices—focus on keeping the pieces thin, and make sure your bite has a little bit of meat and fat.  No cooking needed - this ham is best served as is, just like the Italians serve their prosciutto.

Shipped without ice. It's been cured at ambient temperatures through so it's built to last. Lasts for months when stored in a cool spot. Storage instructions included.

Download our Ham Storage & Slicing instructions.

La Quercia Berkshire Cross Prosciutto


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