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Cacciatore Salami

Little salami, big flavor.

Not for the bashful. This salami, made and named for its intended consumer—cacciatori (Italian huntsmen)—packs a big wallop. Salty, rich, unctuous, it's intense. Pair it with other strongly flavored snacks like Liptauer and Anchovy Stuffed Red Cherry Peppers.

Cut into thick coin slices, and eat them with the delicate rind on. A great salami for those who love full, bold flavors.

Salami Serving Tips

  • Slice to order to prevent drying and oxidization.
  • Try slicing it on the thicker side. I think the flavor and texture are more enjoyable that way.
  • Like most traditional foods, serving salami at room temperature versus straight out of the fridge will give you a lot more flavor.
  • Soft, patchy white mold on the outside is natural. You can eat it or not, your choice.

Cacciatore Salami

M-ACA Approx. 6 oz

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