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Hungary Food Tour

Come visit Hungary the Zingerman's way.

For the past five years we've been delving in deep to Hungarian cuisine. Our bakers and pastry chefs have made multiple visits to the country to learn traditional recipes and methods that they've brought back to Ann Arbor. Now we invite you to discover it's culinary creations with us.

Hungary has an incredibly rich and varied cuisine reaching back at least 1500 years, including an Eastern European Jewish influence. Cheese, wine, cured meats, incredible breads and pastries, elegant multi-layered tortas, Hungary has it all. 

We've designed the trip for the experienced travler with a passion for great food that is made following centuries old traditions. The food is deeply connected to the people and culture of Hungary and we'll experience that for ourselves on the trip. Our guests are adults of all ages, who enjoy walking and enjoy exploring places on their own as well as with a group. 

Only 12 guests will travel with an experienced leader from Zingerman's, plus our Hungarian guides. 

An insider’s adventure in food. Come experience it with Zingerman’s. September 3-12, 2018.

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Hungary Food Tour

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