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Pasta Sauce Protection Gift Box

Pasta Sauce Protection Gift Box

A curious cook's companion.

Four of my favorite fast food partners—pastas and sauces—served together in one box. 
We’ll include two different jars of sauces, like Il Mongetto's perfect tomato sauce and real Ligurian Pesto from Northern Italy. Then two different bags of pasta, Martelli's Maccheroni from Tuscany and heirloom wheat Fettuccine from Community Grains from California. And finally, a half pound of hand-cut, hand-wrapped Parmigiano Reggiano to grate on top.
The sauces are the simple pour and serve variety. They make this a great gift for someone who has more curiosity than time. Gift boxed.

Pasta Sauce Protection Gift Box

G-PAS Boxed collection of 2 Sauces, 2 Pastas

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