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Cheesemakers Choice Passport

A gift boxed collection of our favorite well aged cheeses.

The affineurs and cheesemakers who’ve matured these cheeses have aged them beyond what you’ll normally find stateside. Parmigiano-Reggiano with over two years under its belt. Antique Gruyère that’s been tended for over a year (here in the States, we’re lucky to find Gruyère aged for over six months). And Pril Gouda from acclaimed Dutch cheese shop L'Amuse ages for nine months. These cheeses are often the cheesemakers' favorites — and mine. We'll hand cut wedges from three of our most mature wheels and ship them with bread or crackers, just for you.

The cheese passport contains three cheeses weighing in at over a pound and a half total. By caterer's rule of thumb — two ounces per person — it will serve 7-10. They're hand cut to order and wrapped in our special cheese bag.

Cheesemakers Choice Passport with Bread

G-CCP 1.5 lbs cheese, plus bread, serves 7-10

Cheesemakers Choice Passport with Crackers

G-N-CCP 1.5 lbs cheese, plus crackers, serves 7-10

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