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Mountain Cheese Passport

Mountain Cheese Passport

Big mountains, big flavors.

This is the Zingerman’s Cheese Passport I enjoy most. A collection of mountain cheeses is a ticket for taste bud travel I never tire of. I love cheeses like these. They’re often on my short list of favorites for their long aging and big, bold flavors. 

We’ll include wedges of three mountain cheeses: Antique Emmentaler from Switzerland, Piave Vecchie from Italy, and Comté from France. We'll send these examples of high-altitude craftsmanship along with either a box of artisan bread or crackers.

The cheese passport contains three cheeses weighing in at over a pound and a half total. By caterer's rule of thumb — two ounces per person — it will serve 7-10. They're hand cut to order and wrapped in our special cheese bag.

Mountain Cheese Passport with Bread

G-MTN 1.5 lbs cheese, plus bread, serves 7-10

Mountain Cheese Passport with Crackers

G-N-MTN 1.5 lbs cheese, plus crackers, serves 7-10

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