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Holiday Sweets Club

It's back! Our holiday chocolate food club.

Europe does a mesmerizing job merging chocolate with other traditional ingredients. With this monthly food club, you'll get to taste the styles of three different masters. 

For the first month we'll start in the center of Spain, where sweet parito figs and chocolate are merged to make chocolate dipped figs. Then we'll move west and south to Calabria in Southern Italy, famed for its citrus, and a box of chocolate covered candied clementines.  Finally we'll end with what's perhaps the oldest, most traditional chocolate in Europe, the red-pepper spiked chocolate truffles of eastern Sicily, made for generations in the town of Modica.

It's an amazing experience, one you can't find anywhere else.

Only 100 slots are open for this year's trip, order yours now.

$10 extra per installment for shipments to Alaska or Hawaii.

Want to let the recipient know what they're in for now? Download this card and give it to them in person!

Holiday Sweets Club

G-ISC 3 months
  • Month 1:
    Spain luscious truffle-filled figs dipped in chocolate
  • Month 2:
    Calabria spectacular candied oranges smothered in dark chocolate
  • Month 3:
    Sicily ultra-traditional chocolate truffles with spicy red pepper

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