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Hot Out of the Oven Baker's Box

The latest, bakest.

Our bakers don’t release an avalanche of new foods each season. Or each year. Or every other year. They’re deliberate and very, very picky. When there is something new it’s worth taking notice. This year brought a few innovations and I’ve put them together here in one box.
The gift box includes four new baked goods, hot out of the oven: a Raspberry Patti Pocket hand pie, a box of six assorted mini scones, a Chocolate and Raisin Babka, and a Bostock, a square of buttery brioche with orange syrup and an almond frangipane topping.
Serves a dozen easily. Save parts for later—they all freeze great.

Hot Out of the Oven Baker's Box

G-HOB gift box
Returning November 2019

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