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Date, Fig & Pomegranate Babka

Date, Fig & Pomegranate Babka

Fresh and fruity.

Babka is a sweet loaf, both fluffy and rich, kind of like a light textured coffee cake with a dense filling swirled throughout. In the late 19th Century, babka was made with leftover challah bread dough wrapped around nuts or jam. These days, the nuts have been replaced with fillings featuring flavors from far and wide.

The master bakers at Zingerman’s Bakehouse make this babka with a nod to middle eastern flavors. The classic babka dough is sweetened with a tangy swirl of chopped up earthy dates and luscious figs, then tarted up with a dash of bright pomegranate molasses. To finish, it gets a sprinkling of chopped almonds sprinkled on top. Fresh and fruity, this babka is ideal to nibble alongside your afternoon tea or as an indulgent breakfast.

Wrapped in tissue and gift boxed.

Date, Fig & Pomegranate Babka

G-DFP Gift boxed, serves 6-8

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