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Food Coma Gift Box


Three of our most satisfying savory loaves—Roadhouse, Peppered Bacon Farm and Chile Cheddar—packed into our fun, illustrated gift box.

Each loaf eats like a meal. Eat all three and you’ll be in a food coma. And for all you food innovators out there, if you made a triple decker sandwich with one slice of each bread you might be on your way to a Nobel prize.

Gift box of three loaves includes freezer bags for long-term storage and a magnet with bread revival instructions.

Heat the bread when you're ready to eat. Click here for instructions.

"The bread basket gift was a huge hit! I was told it was the COOLEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVAR!"
Sharon, Murfreesboro, TN

Food Coma Gift Box

G-BBC 3 satisfying loaves, gift boxed
ships 2 business days

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