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Brownie Bite Party Favors

Our famous brownies make the perfect party favor.

Lauded by the press and customers for years, our Magic Brownies are as synonymous with Zingerman's as our corned beef Reuben. 

For decades we only sold them in one size: huge. Now they're available in bite size chunks that make great wedding favors, baby showers, book clubs or any other shindig you can concoct.

We've cut our extremely popular Magic Brownie to a quarter of its original size then nestle the bites into our blue party favor box with "Zingerman's" emblazoned on the side. 

2 Piece Brownie Bite Party Favor

G-2BB 2 Brownie Bites In Party Favor Box

4 Piece Brownie Bite Party Favor

G-4BB 4 Brownie Bites in Party Favor Box

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