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Valserena Parmigiano Reggiano - Aged 48+ Months

Gilding the lily or twice as good?

This cheese is made by Valserena, the oldest dairy in the Parma district. It's one of the few farmstead Parmigiano Reggianos out there—all the milk comes exclusively from the Serra family's farm. Their herd is made up exclusively of rare Sola Bruna (brown) cows. This old breed makes up less than 0.5% of Italy's dairy cows (and they're only used by 4 of the more than 300 dairies that produce Parmigiano Reggiano). The vast majority of the herds are Freisians, the classic black and white dairy cows that dominate the industry. Freisians produce more milk, but the quality never matches that of the older breeds. Sola Bruna cows give milk that's particularly rich in butterfat. The cheesemaker at Valserena uses a bit more fat than the norm, which gives the cheese a richer flavor and creamier texture.
Usually the cheese is aged for 24 months before its ready to sell, but this one is aged twice as long. If 24 months is great, 48 months may seem like gilding the lily. But that’s where the skill of the cheesemaker comes into play. Even at a young age, the cheesemaker can tell which wheels will ‘age out well’. After four years, some parms can be bitter and dry. Not so with this batch. Its flavor is still incredibly balanced with depth only seen at the Mariana Trench. Same maker, same cheese, amazingly different experiences.
The current wheel we're opening were made in April 2013 - now a full five years old! The flavors are smooth and savory with bright, fruity notes. Intense and long lasting.

Valserena Parmigiano Reggiano - Aged 48+ Months

C-V48 by the lb
$21 - $78
Returning November 2018

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