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Sbrinz Cheese

One of Europe's founding cheeses.

While Sbrinz may not be a household name here, it’s one of Europe’s most ancient cheeses. It's been made for over two thousand years. It's also one of the longest aged cheeses—the hundred pound wheels we have were in caves for three years. They're made in with raw milk from Brown Swiss cows during summer, when they were out foraging high in the Swiss Alps.
Despite its age, Sbrinz tastes remarkably light, sweet and even a bit bright. Texturally, it'll remind you of Parmigiano-Reggiano, with crunchy flavor crystals in abundance. In Switzerland, it's a popular choice for an apero: a little nibble before dinner. It's especially nice with a sip of white wine.
Hard to acquire, easy to devour, it’s a special treat for anyone that’s into well-aged cheese with lovely, lingering flavors. Very limited quantities.

Sbrinz Cheese

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