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Extra Aged Pleasant Ridge Reserve - Andy's Special Selection

Twice as big, twice as bold, twice as tasty.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve may well be the best American cheese being made today. Using only the milk from his own herd of cows while they're out to pasture in the summer, cheesemaker Andy Hatch churns out a beautiful cheese in the style of European mountain cheeses, like Gruyère or Comté. After a year of aging, the result is fruity, savory, rich, bold, and very, very eatable.

Now Andy has taken this already great cheese and doubled down—literally.

In 2015, Andy made a few dozen wheels of Pleasant Ridge that were twice as big as the regular wheels, and then he set them aside in his aging cave for twice as long. Now, after two years of aging, Andy has personally hand-selected a couple of wheels of the double-aged cheese, just for us.

The extra year of aging allows the flavors we already love in Pleasant Ridge to grow even bigger, making for one seriously flavorful cheese. The wheels Andy selected for us are creamy, tangy, and so fruity they're almost juicy—sweet and mouthwatering. They have tons of those crunchy little crystals that you often find in well-aged cheeses.

A phenomenal cheese, but it's only available for a limited time. Once we sell through the few wheels we were able to snag, it's all gone.

Extra Aged Pleasant Ridge Reserve - Andy's Special Selection

C-PRR-ANDY by the lb
$21.50 - $42
Returning October 2019

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