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Boerenkaas Farmhouse Gouda

Great gouda from pastured cows.

Job Baas, our Dutch cheese importer, calls this family's cheese the best aged gouda he's ever tasted. Unlike most factory-made versions, the Capetain family's cheese is a real farmhouse Gouda, or Boerenkaas, meaning all the milk comes from the family's own herd. By Dutch law the cheese can only be made when the cows are out in the pastures, roughly early April through late November. The diet of the animals is more varied, and the resulting cheese is more interesting in flavor.

Hearty and smooth with a delicate sweetness in the background, the Capetain family's Boerenkaas Gouda is impeccably balanced. It's always one of our top sellers. Both novices and seasoned experts prize its versatility.

Boerenkaas Farmhouse Gouda

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