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Pane Nero

Pane Nero

Sicilian recipe, Sicilian heirloom wheat.

Near the west coast of Sicily, an hour and a half south of Palermo, Filippo Drago is stone milling an organic heirloom breed of durum wheat called Tumminia at his mill, Molini del Ponte. What he makes is to standard flour as farmstead cheese is to Kraft singles. Its texture is coarse, the color is light, speckled yellow, and there's a slight sweetness to it.

When used in baking, like here with the Pane Nero bread made by the master bakers at Zingerman's Bakehouse, it results in a dark brown loaf with a dense, compact crumb. (Durum is the same kind of wheat used in pasta making and it has a lot of protein, making it so dense.) It's topped with sesame seeds and sea salt and is a hearty flavorful loaf.

It's been winning loads of fans around Zingerman's and now it's time to spread the word and the flavor around the country.


Pane nero Bread from Zingerman's Community on Vimeo.

Pane Nero

B-NER 1.25 lb loaf