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Stella Parks's Souffléed Cheesecake

A deli classic from a recipe by cookbook author Stella Parks!

Ever since Stella Parks’ cookbook Bravetart came out nearly two years ago it’s been an inspiration for home and professional bakers alike. With a focus on homemade American classics from peanut butter cups to English muffins, there's plenty for everyone to love. The pastry masters at Zingerman’s Bakehouse loved her cheesecake recipe so much we got in touch with Stella and arranged this collaboration.

For a limited time, we're offering Stella's Souffléed Cheesecake recipe made by our own pastry masters at Zingerman's Bakehouse using a blend of Zingerman's Creamery's cow cream cheese and goat cream cheese.

The texture is the first thing you'll notice. It balances in that ethereal area between luscious and airy light. You can eat a whole slice without the use of teeth, it's that smooth and soft. Bright notes dance delicately with the vanilla sweetness you'd expect and the graham cracker crust (made from the Bakehouse's home-made graham crackers) is a substantial base on which to set this indulgent dessert. 

We're baking these cheesecakes for a few weeks only. Grab yours quick.

Stella Parks's Souffléed Cheesecake

A-SPK Serves 6-8
We're not sure when it's returning

Bravetart Cookbook by Stella Parks

P-BVT 395 page cookbook, hardcover
$3.99 book rate shipping

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