Culinary Adventure Society

Zingerman's premier food club.

The right gift for that friend or client who thinks of themselves as the Indiana Jones of the culinary world. No rolling boulders here, but four times a year we’ll send a big box of eight to ten food surprises based on our most up to date food research and travel.

Perhaps they’ll taste an olio nuovo, a coveted bottle of great olive oil, just pressed. Maybe a cheese from one of America’s small dairies, so regional it rarely leaves its neighborhood. Maybe the latest invention from Zingerman's Bakehouse, only available in Ann Arbor.

All foods in the Culinary Adventure Society will be exclusively selected for its members. We'll include a collection of writing on the foods’ history and culture plus recipes for their use.

"On the off chance that you were really prepared to buy diamonds and couldn't find any you liked, try this: a membership to Zingerman's Culinary Adventure Society."
Helen Schwab, Charlotte Observer

"My husband and I have purchased a subscription for two years now as our joint Christmas giftevery time a box comes it's like Christmas all over again!"
Jennifer A., Lancaster, PA

$10 extra per installment for shipments to Alaska or Hawaii.

Wanna let the recipient know what they're in for now?
Download this card and give it to them in person!

Since we order the foods especially for club members, we cannot change the ship dates of the club.

Arrival Dates:
September 25, 2014
December 11, 2014
March 26, 2015
June 25, 2015



Past Culinary Adventure Society treasures included:

Culinary Adventure Society

Culinary Adventure Society $175
G-1-Z 1 Installment Free Shipping
Culinary Adventure Society $325
G-2-Z 2 Installments Free Shipping
Culinary Adventure Society $600
G-4-Z 4 Installments (One Year) Free Shipping

Randomly Generated Deliciousness

Apricot Jam
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Fresh Cream Cheese
Ships one Business Day Overnight
Merchandise Total per AddressRate
0 to $25$29.99
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$50.01 to $75$37.99
$75.01 to $100$41.99
$100.01 to $125$45.99
$125.01 to $150$49.99
$150.01 and up35%
Sicilian Capers in Sea Salt
Ships for Flat Rate Order as many flat rate items as you'd like
and pay only $9.99 per address.
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