Papua New Guinea Coffee

One of the rarest, most popular coffees we roast.

Single-origin Papua New Guinea is a rare coffee that'll appeal to anyone who likes dark, deep, rich flavors. Its mouthfeel is thick, its flavor can be chocolaty, its impact intense.

Our Papua New Guinea is hand harvested by 300 people, give or take, in the highlands where the elevation (5,200 feet) and bountiful rainfall create an ideal environment for growing coffee. Their work is exquisite and very hard to come by, this being one of only two estate-grown Papua New Guinea coffees. The touch of our roaster, Steve, has transformed the excellent raw green beans we receive into something fantastic—one of the best coffees we’ve ever carried at Zingerman’s. 

Roast: Medium.
Body: Wild.
Tasting Notes: Deep, dark flavors with notes of chocolate and a very thick mouthfeel.
Facts: Roasted fresh by Zingerman’s Coffee Company. Shipped whole bean.

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Papua New Guinea Coffee

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