Sherry Vinegar

Balsamic's red haired step child.

While balsamic has garnered the publicity, specially aged sherry vinegar sits aging in oak barrels in southern Spain waiting to be discovered. Sanchez Romate blends different ages of sherry vinegar (from three to fifty years old) to create a sweet, soft flavor. It became a staple in my home long ago.

Add a few drops to creamy tomato soup. Drizzle a bit in a cold summer gazpacho. Drop a dash on a salad of ripe, sweet, summer tomatoes. Mix it into a classic cocktail sauce and stand back for the fireworks. I've found it makes good food extraordinary.

Zingerman's Food Tours is visiting Spain in October 2014. Join us for a behind the scenes journey to traditional food makers like this.

Sherry Vinegar

V-25Y 750 ml bottle
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