White Sage & Wild Mint Tea

The scent (and flavor) of nature in a cup.

As far as I can tell, this is the first food I've ever sourced from a fragrance company. It'll make sense, I swear. 

Juniper Ridge began in 1998, founded by wilderness enthusiast Hall Newbegin. Hall was and still is an avid hiker and forager. He began making natural fragrances from the plants he'd find hiking the mountains of California. His week was spent foraging, then he'd turn his harvest into fragrances in small batches in his kitchen and sell them at farmer's markets around San Francisco on the weekends. 

His business grew, he recruited more foragers and started creating more fragrances. He and his crew spend time outdoors, making mental notes of what the Mojave desert smells like at dusk, then trying to recreate the essence from the plants of the area back in their lab in Oakland, California. 

In addition to fragrances like Yuba River and Caruthers Canyon Backpackers colognes, they've developed some teas based on Native American recipes from the Southwest. This tea comes from the deserts of southern California, made from a mix of sustainably wild harvested White Sage, organic mint and wild mint. Brew it up and stick your nose right in the cup. Minty, earthy, very rich. It's really interesting as an ice tea, but enjoying a hot cup around a campfire at night is more than just apropos, it completes the picture and solidifies the memory forever. 

White Sage & Wild Mint Tea

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