Yuzu Syrup

The rarest cocktail ingredient in America?

Most of us wouldn’t want to bother with yuzu. They’re a knobby and unattractive fruit, mostly pith, pulp and seeds. The part we’re usually after—the juice—is in low supply. Squeeze and you might get a couple spoons worth.

Robert Lambert isn’t after the juice, though. He wants the peel, which is full of wild, wonderful aromas. He picks the fruit himself, then cooks it into a simple fruit syrup with a bit of Meyer Lemon juice. The flavor is a well-balanced triumvirate of bitter, sour and sweet with a captivating, slightly spicy aroma.

Robert recommends it on fruit salads or grilled fish. You can use it with reckless abandon in place of citrus when baking, in fruit punches or in summer cocktails. Vodka and yuzu—it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Highly recommended: Robert's amazing Rangpur Lime Syrup.

Yuzu Syrup

P-YUZ 5 oz bottle
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