Hario V60 Hot Water Kettle

The best kettle for pour-over drip coffeemaking.

If you’re a coffee fan—or a design nerd—you’ve dreamed of a kettle like this. First, let me tell you what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t make a cute whistle when the water boils. It doesn’t boil water any faster. It doesn’t come in an array of colors. (There’s just one finish: lightly brushed nickel steel.)

So why have you been dreaming about it?  Because of its pour spout. Thanks to its gooseneck shape and thin diameter, you can pour hot water as slowly as you’d like. The steam will never drift up to burn your hand, and water will never drip back down the spout.

Slow, precise water flow is key for making pour-over coffee at home. Coffee extracts differently depending how hot water hits it. The more control you have over your water, the more even the distribution over the coffee grounds and the better flavor you enjoy.

This is the kettle Zingerman’s baristas use at work and at home. Even if you’re not making pour-over coffee, it’s still the most practical—and, for me, attractive—kettle you’ll find.

Hario V60 Hot Water Kettle

P-V60 1.2 liter kettle
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