Vanilla Powder

Unadulterated vanilla.

This is vanilla in its purest form. 

Wild vanilla beans are harvested in Tahiti and allowed to cure in a natural fermentation process. They're then sun-dried, split and the seeds inside are carefully scraped and gathered into easy-to-use jars.

If you've ever worked with vanilla beans, you know it's tedious work to get those intese, flavorful little seeds out of the pod and into whatever you're cooking. With this powder you simply grab a pinch from the jar and stir it into whatever you're baking or making in the kitchen. But be careful: this is potent stuff. If a recipe calls for a teaspoon of vanilla extract, cut that in half if you're using this powder. 

Your baking (and those that eat your baking) will notice the boost in flavor and sing your praises. 

Vanilla Powder

P-POW 1 oz jar
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