Pungo Creek Mills Indian Cornmeal

Heirloom cornmeal from America's beginning.

In 2007, Bill Savage bought his first bushel of this Indian corn. At first he was thinking of selling it for decrorative purposes; you know, dried stalks of multi-colored ears of corn wrapped around a lightpost or made into wreaths hanging from front doors in the fall. Turns out Mexico already had the ornamental corn market cornered (no pun intended) so he thought he could grind it down and use it for chicken feed.

While it was grinding, he fell for the sweet, inviting smell it created. He cooked it up and it was delicious. The chicken feed idea turned out to be for the birds (pun intended), and Pungo Creek Mills Indian Cornmeal was born.

Consider this polenta, just made in America from an heirloom breed of corn that’s been cultivated since the founding of the Jamestown colony in eastern Virginia. After all, that’s what polenta is!

Pungo Creek Mills Indian Cornmeal

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