Golden Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

The family that hallucinates together stays together.

If you're an intrepid mushroom forager, a home cook who likes to grow their own herb garden, or a family who wants to work on a cool food project together this could be for you. 

It's a simple kit that, with minimal effort, grows a batch of edible—not psychedelic—mushrooms right in your own home. The first harvest happens in a few weeks and, if tended well, repeats itself every couple weeks.

Each kit, designed by Shane Mulholland, comes with instructions and everything you need to grow a batch of tasty mushrooms. No green thumb needed. In fact, a brown one might be better.

As the saying goes, give a man a mushroom and he'll eat for a day. Teach him to grow his own in a closet in his house and he'll eat for a lifetime.

You can expect about five "flushes" (harvests) per kit. Each flush yields nearly a pound of mushrooms.

Golden Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

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