Triple Chocolate Almonds

The chocolate is the star.

Keep your eye on Chuck Siegel. His company, Charles Chocolates, has been up to a lot of good lately. He's always making something new and almost everything is really tasty, not to mention attractively packaged. These triple chocolate almonds are no exception. (Make sure to check out his pâté de fruit, too.)

Chuck dark roasts huge, meaty California grown almonds then coats them in a blend of milk and bittersweet chocolate. The coat isn’t a spring jacket. It’s an arctic rated parka. Here, the almond is the sidekick and the chocolate is the star. A final dusting of cocoa powder completes the triple threat.

Each smartly designed tin holds enough chocolate covered almonds to fill a small bowl. I don’t recommend open grazing, though. Make 'em last.

Triple Chocolate Almonds

P-MON 6.5 oz tin
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