Honey Curry Mustard

Simple sauce, great ingredients.

Justin Hoffman was waiting in line to check out at the grocery one day when, out of boredom, he started reading the ingredient list on the mustard in his cart. “It was simple stuff, straight forward ingredients,” he said. “I thought, ‘if you used good ingredients I bet you could make a great tasting mustard.” 

Justin, a chef in Seattle, got together with coworker Bryan Mitchiner to make a great mustard from really good ingredients. Instead of sugar, they sweetened the mustard with honey; instead of white wine vinegar, they use balsamic vinegar. The result is a pourable sauce, more like a mustard dressing than a spreadable, traditional mustard. It's smooth, not too sweet, with a mouth-filling heat and a subtly spicy curry kick on the finish.

And how to use it? Try it as a marinade or vinaigrette with just a splash of oil and vinegar. Use it to kick up a chicken salad sandwich. Drizzle it over sauteed veggies. Dip pretzles in it. Or for a fun appetizer, try putting grapes in a Mason jar with a bit of mustard overnight, then serve with goat cheese and good bread.

Honey Curry Mustard

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