Sun Dried Garlic Spread

Traditionally made fast food.

It takes a long time and lots of care to make this spread, but its effect in the kitchen is instantaneous. It all begins on the Mahjoub estate in the Medjerda Valley, outside of Tunis, Tunisia. There, the organic garlic is grown and harvested. Each clove of garlic is released from its bulb and spread in the hot desert sun to dry. Sun drying concentrates the flavors of the garlic, bringing out the sweetness beneath the surface.

Open the jar, take a sniff and start imagining all the dishes it'll improve. The flavor is deep and savory but not overpowering, like a fresh clove might be. The cloves are blended with the Mahjoubs' own organic olive oil and not much else to make a spread capable of catapulting your cuisine to the next level. Drop a dollop atop grilled meat, or mix a bit with olive oil and vinegar for salad dressing. Slice up a baguette, lather on a bit of spread, top with fresh tomatoes from the market and voila! Instant hors d'oeuvre!


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Sun Dried Garlic Spread

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