Halva with Chios Mastiha Flavour

Greek delight.

Made throughout the Mediterranean and pretty much everywhere in the Middle East, halva is made from tahini (sesame paste) and honey (or sugar). This one is pretty much just that, pure and simple, accented only with the addition of mastiha.

Mastiha is the resin excreted from the trunk and branches of the mastiha tree that is special to the island of Chios. You could kind of consider it the maple syrup of the Mediterranean. To gather it the tree's bark is cut, the sap flows, forming tears that eventually fall to the ground. The sap is collected and mixed in all manner of medicinal and culinary treats. Here it lends a sweet and slightly minty, mouth-tingling finish.

The halva's texture is airy and incredibly light, like a brick built out of candy floss. It melts in your mouth in a puff of slightly sweet, slightly nutty flavor. Utterly refreshing.

Halva with Chios Mastiha Flavour

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