Hibiscus Jelly

New! Exotic flower preserve from Senegal.

I've been on a mission to bring the flavors of Africa to our shelves. Let's face it: we've got a lot of stuff from Europe, but we're lacking when it comes to Africa and there's an amazing amount of cuisine coming from the continent. 

We started with products from Tunisia, like couscous and harissa, then last year we discovered maffé and yassa sauces from west Africa (but made here in the states). They've been such a big hit we've had a hard time keeping them in stock. So when we first tried hibiscus jelly and Baobab jam from Senegal, we were instantly smitten.

We have plenty of jams, jellies and preserves on our shelves but they're mostly made with fruits we all know. This one stands out. It's unique, complex and truly exceptional. 

It took nearly a year to bring them to our shelves but it's finally here. 

Baby hibiscus flowers are picked by hand, cleaned and cooked down with sugar, a bit of water and just a touch of pectin to hold it all together. It's tart, sweet and bright. There's citrus notes in each bite and it gives every dish it touches some extra zing. Easily the most exotic jelly I've tasted in years and another example of the variety and quality of flavors to be found all over Africa. 

Hibiscus Jelly

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